Letter from the Editor

A cheap but memorable souvenir

Spring 2017

by Sarah Chacich

This time around in the letter from the editor I’d like to pay respects to the pathos around the sprawling megapolis I live in via a love letter from New York City itself- insomniac, pathological giver, biggest narcissist ever, geographically speaking, to its residents, and those who have left it and ultimately come to define it.

I know I’m difficult, and in fact challenging to really love.  This is my appeal.  Many have tried to love me but failed to capture my heart. I continue to seduce people, lure them in with my damaged beauty, my highs and lows, the epic nights filled with drunken cab rides and promises.  But the reality is that words do not convey this love so true. Many have tried, with their Woody Allen clichés, their cinematic poems of walks in Central Park and illicit sex in alleys.

Part of this difficulty lies in the truth that I hate what I’ve become and only love those who have left me.  There’s some dignity there and I understand. I weave a complex web littered with broken dreams, high overhead, tax breaks for the rich, waves of immigration I shit on later and dollar pizza.  I hold my head high and keep on keeping on though in spite of my dark side.  It’s the diversity I tell myself, you know the promise of something better- is something in and of itself despite these other conditions that make the quality of living here something of a spectacular panopticon.  If you don’t love yourself no one else will. 

When the journal asked me to contribute something this time around I wanted to use the opportunity to say thank you to those who have left me.  You’ve taught me more than I can imagine.  Seemed like a ripe opportunity to use my own narcissism to bring up the New York-sim that exists in the world of art that you’re talking about here. 

Although I hate to admit it, we are an epicenter of sorts; albeit a complicated emotional epicenter—this particular issue opens up conversations about what looking at the rest of the country from our home through the lens of art can do for us.